Bell & Ross Pre Basel Collection: ‘Desert Type’

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F51-05-BR03 92 desert type-H-80375 midres

The desert seems to be a great source of inspiration in the world of retail. To add to the collection of products influenced by the place often misspelt as sugary treats is Bell & Ross’ Pre Basel collection entitled ‘Desert Type’. Since it was inspired after a place that the military is known to roam frequently, Bell & Ross also took their specifications and techniques regarding their apparel into consideration for this design. Starting with its dial; its formed by two overlapping inserts — the beige upper section cuts off from the numeral and indices — which reveal the black photoluminescence coating found at the lower insert. To save you from further boredom of the technical aspect of a watch, let us summarise this post: It’s a badass watch, it’s definitely something we could see someone with Bond’s calibre (or limitless bank account) wearing.

More photos below:

F51-01-BR03 94 desert type-pers-80141 midres

F51-06-BR03 92 desert type-80452 midres

F51-07-BR03 94 desert type-sac-80492 midres

Bell & Ross ‘Desert Type’ will be available in March ’16. More from Bell & Ross here.

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