Barracuda Sunglasses

Could these shades be the next big thing/most annoying object since Kanye’s shutter shades? These ‘Barracuda’ sunglasses are from A-Morir and are designed by Kerin Rose. JUICE first spotted these shades Rihanna’s music video, Run This Town.

Looks can be deceiving, but wearing Barracudas will not make you blind to the world. In fact wearing them gives you the same kind of visibility as say staring directly at the sun for an hour. You can still see. Sorta. Well at least everyone will see you.

Every pair of Barracudas must pre-ordered as they are completely covered in “hand painted and hand distressed pyramid studs” so states the official site. Order them now and you’ll receive yours in October. They also come in a choice of 3 colours: black, gold and silver. So, have you been bitten by Barracuda? Yay or nay?

Barracuda glasses are available for order at for USD$350.