Badger On The Run

We think badgers are super wicked, especially after watching them on, which is super-addictive. But right now, we’re on a different type of badger. An indie clothing label from Bandung, Badger goes back 15 years guerilla-style, when local Indonesian bands endorsed the brand.

It was that same musical connection which attracted Malaysian’s Zai, Farid, Faezal and Izzat to the label. Fans of the whole music, bands, gigs and jam sessions scene, it was a music that brought them together. Starting out as Blisstation, they organised small gigs and distributed band merchandise like t-shirts and CDs. Soon they were extending invites to indie bands from Indonesia; this is what eventually led the foursome to forming Badger Malaysia.

With a very reasonable price, we offer not only merchandise but friendship as well to our customers,” they say of their Damansara Uptown “Distro”. As fans of Badger’s hip streetwear and rock ‘n’ roll attitude Badger Malaysia stock (what else?) Badger for men, Anti-Beauty for women and then there’s Voltra, which embodies the darker side of Badger. Launched in 2008 it’s harder edge and skate, graffiti and tattoo leaning is sure to find fans in metalheads and hardcore lovers.

Big things are already poppin, with endorsements from local acts and Onnie, Jay and Rafuyel recently joining the family. Badger Malaysia recently hosted Badger Secret Show #1 which featured under the radar performances by Tonawarna, Yuna and Hanafi of Estranged and Bandung’s bossa-pop band Mocca. Busy, busy badgers.

Badger Malaysia can be checked out through and