Autumn Winter 2008 Miss Selfridge

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Text Muna Noor
Images DNP Clothing

Music is our life. Thankfully it’s also the basis for Miss Selfridge’s Autumn Winter 2008 collection, who turn the amps up to 11 and take their cue from rockabilly and dancehall by way of, wait for it, Edith Piaf.

For all that rock and roll, it’s all very romantic stuff. A vintage inspired collection with a prevailing sultry silhouette drums up plenty of details what with embroidery, velvet trims, sequins, beading, frills, ruffles, peter pan collars, scallop edging, appliqué and pussy bows turning up as often as a groupie at a hair metal tour. Next to the season’s favourite colours of black, grey, pewter, chocolate, cream, (deep) purple, coral and emerald green, patterns get the Bay City Rollers treatment as leopard print, gingham and tartan checks add cocksure bravado into the mix.

Somewhat softer is a look that could have come straight off Jet or the Rolling Stones if they were a bunch of pretty girls, as opposed to swaggering lads/pensioners. Still we like their style. Brown, ochre, rust and orange hues take centre stage and big bottoms (and by that we DON’T mean bums, although Queen fans certainly wouldn’t mind) are in, coming in the form of red, white and blue sailor pants and tweed flares. Mirrored chain box purses and gold animal print clutches finishing the look. Curtain down. Encore. Curtain up.

This report was published in the 2008 issue of JUICE.

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