Are You A Barbie Fashionista?

Gone are the days of our youth where picking a career was the only choice we were given when buying a Barbie. Sure, we could buy extra clothes but those extra set of clothes cost a bomb and besides, those outfits were already paired together beforehand with matching shoes and accessories. So we yearned to grow up as fast as we could, hoping that when we finally become grown ups we get to play dress up – for real. Now that we are, children now have all the opportunities to chose what they want and like. Understanding that every little girl has their own sense of style, Mattel launched the Barbie Fashionista range.

The Barbie Fashionista range comes in six different styles – Artsy, Cutie, Girly, Glam, Sassy and Wild. These dolls cater to different fashion personalities and come with their own set of clothes and accessories that are fashionably current.

Another great thing about the Barbie Fashionista is that it has to be the incredible movement parts of the dolls. They can pose like any runway models, you can bend elbows, twist wrists, move waists, and roll heads with the ability to strike over 100 poses. The doll also comes with hair that feels incredibly real and natural!

In conjunction with the Barbie Fashionista range, Barbie is running a contest to search for the ultimate Barbie Fashionista. Aptly titled ‘Which Fashionista Are You?’ the contest is open to all girls aged between 4 to 12 years old and will run from 1 March until 31 May. The lucky winner will win a paid trip for two to the House of Barbie in Shanghai, a Barbie Fashionista makeover with a photography session, a pink digital camera and a pink MP3 players!

Does the House of Barbie sound foreign to you? The House of Barbie Shanghai offers girls an opportunity to step in the glamorous world of Barbie to experience the ultimate Barbie fantasy at the House of Barbie in Shanghai. From incredible shopping to an interactive design center, it’s a place where girls can live out their Barbie dreams and fantasies.

Says Mattel “The House of Barbie, also known as ‘Barbie Shanghai’, is Barbie’s first global flagship store providing the ultimate destination for both young girls who call Barbie a best friend, and women who appreciate Barbie as a fashion and lifestyle icon. Created around the understanding that every little girl has her own personal relationship with Barbie, the store brings that emotional connection to life through a range of experiences and special services celebrating aspiration, dreams, fashion and beauty.”

The House of Barbie is also an exclusive shopping destination with 6 floors filled with the largest and most comprehensive collection of Barbie products and activities. Other than that the House of Barbie has a Barbie Design Centre, a fashion runway, a Barbie Cafe and a shop where Barbie clothes come in real life girl sizes. Jealous, much?

Now that we’re all grown up, we sure wish we could turn back time for this amazing opportunity. Do you think I could pass off as a 12 year old?

The Barbie Fashionista range doll is retailed at RM53.90. For more information on the House of Barbie, log on to