Alexander Olch The T.W Collection


Here’s something that will ought to give a dose of colours and a skip in your step, while navigating through the otherwise conservative and uptight world of 9 to 5.

From the heart of New York City comes Alexander Olch, a man with a handsome and unconventional array of menswear fashion accessories made from the finest materials of silk, cashmere, wool and cotton. The brand prides itself with original and handmade designs that combine craftsmanship from the olden days with a unique moden style.

One of the many collections available that have caught our attention is the T.W collection, with its novel plaid prints and brilliant colours. All neckties, pocket rounds, bowties and suspenders from this series are made from woven cotton twill with a modern cut that will turn heads at conference meetings, on the streets, and even while you’re grabbing your double shot espresso takeaway at Starbucks.

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