Ahem! It’s the Harem…

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Being stylish can be a real b***h sometimes. The more impractical those shoes are or uncomfortable that dress is, usually means you look great – as long as you’re not a whale trying to fit into a rubber glove. We’re not asking you to bend over backwards to look fashionable, all we’re saying is comfort clothing like the harem or the MC Hammer pants (yes those that make you look like you have goo-lees the size and weight of a bull’s) should be cast to a land far away (wherever it came from) and never be resurrected. And if you’re wearing it for the sake of comfort, then put on a pair of cotton trousers instead.

Harem pants are just as unsightly as it is unflattering. They make your ass look flat and those who already have trouble filling up a pair of shorts will find it harder to look sexy in a pair of harem pants. Although to look trendy you might have to compromise your sexy lady curves, it’s still one of those fashion crazes that JUICE just don’t get – and mind you, we usually like the weird and kooky!

The trend apparently hit it up good on the runway and into our fash spots, after a Parisian editor took to it like Alexander McQueen to plaids. But it is hard to look smashing in one if you’re not tall and Parisian-editor slim. So if you still insist of wearing them, then here are some pointers that might salvage your look – we’re still not buying it though!

– Go Mc Hammer cool on it by pairing it with a chic, cropped jacket.

– A boat-neck blouse will even out your silhouette, but if the blouse is loose then cinch a wide belt around it nice and tight.

– Wear a fabulous pair of high heels with it. Hopefully gorgeous stilettos will divert attention away from your drop crotch area.

– Tuck a simple tank of the same colour with your pants, wrap a wide belt around your waistline over it and voila, you’ve created a harem-playsuit.

– Most of all, keep it simple and fuss free to avoid looking like an actual harem dancer.

Images from www.asos.com, www.thefashionpolice.com, www.forever21.com. For more harem pants, look at these stores: Zara, Baci, Replacement, Forever 21, Warehouse and www.asos.com.