Against Lab ‘Break The Rules’ Collection

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Against Lab’s debut collection, ‘The Eyes Are Watching‘, caught our attention for two reasons — one, the material of its t-shirts felt like it had been cut from the same cloth we imagine Yeezus sleeps on (it’s very soft is what we’re trying to convey), and two, it made us question how often we are being watched because we do a lot of stupid shit that the world is better off not knowing. The irony of ‘The Eyes Are Watching’ is that we ended up keeping our eyes peeled for Against Lab’s next collection — fellas, if attention is what you didn’t want, we’re going to give it to you anyway.

Presenting the multidisciplinary label’s second collection – ‘Break The Rules’. It consists of six t-shirts in a variety of safe and seldom used hues such as black, green, orange, and peach. Each shirt is either accompanied by a multicoloured design of its logo or peculiar symbols and imagery like a CCTV and the crash dummy symbol — simple but enough to make a person look twice.

Check out the lookbook below:

The ‘Break The Rules’ collection will be available on Monday 11 April ’16 via

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