A&E: Make Bloom, Not Boom

source: A&E

Images Keith Chee

This is more than just the run-of-the-mill florist you would go to when you need a compensating bouquet of roses for your girlfriend, whose birthday you have forgotten about yesterday, or for your mother for Mother’s Day because you just can’t be arsed to think of something more creative. A&E puts the “flower” in “power” and offers to the community something more creative and more meaningful than a bouquet of 99 roses.

A&E stands for “Anarchy & Equality”, and it is owned by a husband and wife team, Aida and Edan (see what they did there?), a platform where they can explore experimental works and collaborations, besides weddings, and not to mention, to stand up against the soulless and bigger businesses in town by way of, well, anarchy and equality.

Besides conventional flower bouquets and decors for weddings – with their own twist, mind you, A&E also custom makes floral headpieces for anyone who would like a little blossom on their special day, as well as personalised miniature terrariums, a simulating dry habitat using pebbles, leaf litter and soil, which customers can bring home as mere home decoration, or even as a home itself for their creepy crawly pets.

Not only that, A&E also organises frequent workshops and experimental collaborations with independent creative individuals in their cosy little shop-cum-studio in Subang Jaya, to educate as many people as they can on the beauty of flowers, and how one can go beyond the conventional to appreciate it.

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A&E is located at 76-1, SS 15/4D, Subang Jaya, open from Saturday till Thursday from 10AM to 8PM. For more information on the store, log on to www.facebook.com/aekl.co.