Adidas Originals x Sennheiser

Choosing a pair of headphones ain’t as easy as it used to be. I remember when they used to be cumbersome, huge and always black and that the only factor that would win you over would be its sound capabilities. Well those times are long gone, for sure.

Now headphones come in every colour and style imaginable to fit your style and your entire wardrobe and Adidas Originals have realized its possibilities. Adidas Originals have worked with sound maestros. Sennheiser, since 2008 and have now expanded their range of sound buds. If their first collabo with Sennheiser the HD25-1-II wasn’t stylish enough, Adidas Originals and Sennheiser paired up yet again to create 2 brand new stylish models!

Bringing together the original combo of style and sound for street wear lovers, the Sennheiser HD218 headphones and CX300 ear plugs have been given the Adidas makeover with Originals’ signature blues and stripes. We want!

adidas Originals x Sennheiser is available at