Adidas Originals x Lucasfilm Star Wars AW10 preview

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Fantasy and sci-fi are the stuff made of dreams. Watching a sci-fi movie takes you to far away imaginary places one can only dream of. We might not be able to live them but we can wear em’ on out feet thanks to� Adidas who have done plenty of Star Wars collabos this year and low and behold! There’s a newest one of the lot that’s coming out for the AW10 season as a preview to all you Star Wars and Adidas fans alike.� As a little teaser, Adidas Originals have released a preview of their Hans Solo SL-72 kicks for you to drool over.

Star Wars fans, remember the scene where Darth Vader froze Hans solo in carbonite and then shipped him off to Jabba The Hut? For some reason, even though I am not much of a Star Wars fan, that is one scene I vividly remember watching as a child. Well that particular scene is the inspiration for these SL-72s. Everything from the grey carbonite colour, the detailing of his signature belt and the red that highlights the side of Hans’ pants takes form in this SL-72s. Fine kicks they are!

Make sure you get ready, these awesome kicks will be released come Fall season, and when they do you know they will be off the shelves like hotcakes!

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