A Chip of the Ol’ Nixon

Based in Southern California, the people behind Nixon were frustrated at the lack of quality watches available that not only looked good but also worked well in high performance conditions. Since then, the company has created some of the best looking watches around that not only looked good but meet the needs of high stress work and play environments, making Nixon a favourite among skateboarders, surfers, rock climbers and watch enthusiasts alike.

Nixon has their fanbase in Malaysia but was unavailable to us for the longest time until now! Nixon has finally reached our shores and with that, comes the introduction of the one-of-a-kind Chromacoat collection. What makes this series special is that it has a unique and advanced applied IP coating that’s design to chip away and age so every wearer of a Chromacoat watch will have a completely individual and customised version. Having a product that makes you feel like you are actually contributing to make the overall look of your timepiece is a nifty idea! Kinda reminds us of those prepaid scratch cards!

The Drab, a steel blue top colour that chipped to reveal dark, matte steel was the first one to be launched in 2010, Nixon has added the Sunkissed Sea collection to the Chromacoat Group that comes available with the washed teal colourway ‘Small Player’ and ’42-20 Chrono’ models that chip off to reveal the shiny stainless steel beneath. It’s forward thinking and innovative ideas that set Nixon apart from other watch brands in their market.

Nixon Watches are available at the Nixon Shop-in-Shop @Tangs Empire Level One and Tangs Empire Level 2, Parkson and Isetan KLCC, Raphsody Store at E@Curve and Pavilion. For more updates log on to www.facebook.com/NixonSEA or follow them on www.twitter.com/NixonSEA.