002 by Aãrk Collective

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The Melbourne-based watch brand is back with its second collection of minimalist aesthetic watches. Its previous collection saw the brand experimenting with colours and geometric shapes, but this time its kept simple (but deep) after messing around with the ideas of time and space — specifically inspired by the ‘Golden Record’ time capsule created for NASA’s voyager mission in the ‘70s. 002 also includes some of the finest premium materials such as hand-dipped gold casings, custom-designed links, laser-cut indexes, and Horween leather straps. The watches are available in four varieties: Shell, a hand-moulded acetate casing (no two are the same); Eclipse, a dual-tone plating and a dial that pays homage to the moon’s movement around the earth and sun; Tide, AÁRK’s classic watch design; and Eon, bold proportions and luminous.

Check it out below:

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