Zouk 6th Anniversary pres. The Mad Hatter’s Party @ Zouk KL

Like all things magical, Zouk KL doesn’t seem to have aged much in the last 6 years. Going through a massive renovation last year, the club was in full swing for its birthday. And if last year’s party was a freaky fantasy, this year’s theme was Alice in Clubberland.

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The area in front of the main entrance was converted into a psychedelic playground with techno-coloured shrooms sprouting out of the tarmac. Too bad the rain came and made everything muddy but that was more reason for us to stay indoors and fill up on the free elixirs.

The crowd was less dressed-up compared to the previous years, but they made up for their lack of hats in sheer numbers. In total the night saw more than 5,000 revellers show up to celebrate.

Fringe performers with funny hats added to the festiveness, but honestly, they were getting a bit old; last year we had a small person in a silver suit, which in our book is un-top-able. Still mentalists (magicians to you and me) Zlwin and David Lai entertained the crowd outdoors and even had a merry band of followers mesmerised as they did their tricks.

At 11pm sharp, the gambit in Zouk’s mainroom begun and ended without much ado. The emcee, Pietro, invited the bigwigs of the club to give a toast and unveiled a number 6 plaque, followed by more drinking and some serious booty shaking courtesy of resident beatkeeper DJ Terence.

There was also the Mad Hatter Charity Campaign. 6 parties were given RM500 to create an out of this world hat. JUICE, Tongue N Chic, Kuah Jen Han (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians), Jiman Casablanca and Magie Abang Saufi, Rudy (Mix.FM, Breakfastshow), and Ethan Chu participated in the contest which will award the winner RM5000 to be donated to a charity of their choice. Over 1000 votes were collected on the night itself and the winner will be revealed soon.

The party went on throughout all sections of Zouk with TAG and Didgital thumping the electro and indie in Barsonic, Luqe and Ken sexing up the beat in Phuture, DJ Leonard kicking it old skool in Velvet Underground and DJ Shazz bringing the class to Aristo. This was the Zouk we all knew and loved. Hats off!

Zouk 6th Anniversary pres. The Mad Hatter’s Party went nuts on 26 March 2010. Inspire your insanity in our gallery.