You Might Be Skinnier Than You Think, Not All Measuring Tapes Are Reliable… Here’s Why

Here’s a fun fact to throw around when your friend goes on a diet: The measuring tape you’re using to measure your size might just be the wrong one.

In the age of online shopping it’s important to know your exact size for clothes you want to buy. Yet if you’re anything like me, sometimes the garments come loose and/or tight in all the wrong areas, no matter how well we measure ourselves.

Twitter user @cikguzel recently posted about the different types of measuring tapes, with difference in measurements that could add up to significant sizing issues.

Turns out that the green and yellow tape are used to measure clothes that are already sewn, while the white tape is used during clothes-making with raw fabric.

While @cikguzel labelled the measuring tapes by colours as examples, she said the best way to know for sure is to measure the measuring tape with a centimetre ruler.

She also reminded others that clothes sold in Malaysia use the UK inch measurement and not the Chinese measurement, as white measuring tapes are annotated with the Chinese character ‘cun,’ which indicates the unit of measurement.

Another hint she provided is to check that there are seven lines in between each inch marked on the measuring tape.

Several netizens lamented the mistakes made during online shopping before coming across this helpful information.

A netizen said she mistakenly bought clothes of the wrong size and she didn’t dare say anything because the seller had shown the measurements during a live streaming session.

Another person said they finally understood why they were told to size up when buying clothes that were made in China.

A tailor joined in the conversation and shared that this was the very reason why tailors prefer to take their own measurements for clients.

The more you know!