Woman Vandalises GSC Toilet Spycam And Warns Others On Facebook… Turns Out It Was A Screw

Goo Hara and the trauma of South Korea's spy cam victims - BBC News

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably been told since young to always keep a lookout for spycams hidden behind walls or mirrors inside changing rooms or public toilets that watch you while you change clothes or settle your “business”.

A woman recently took to Facebook to warn others of a spycam that was mounted within the walls of a Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) toilet in Gurney Plaza, Penang yesterday.

In the post, Mikayla Mühlberger wrote that she found the spycam hidden within the wall of the toilet.

She added that she noticed that the device was found only at the fourth toilet stall, where it was the one where most female patrons used.

Shocked by what she saw and wanting to protect other women from being spied on, Mikayla said she then proceeded to destroy the spycam with a sharp key.

She also rebutted those who claimed that it was a flushing sensor.

“For those thinking it’s the flushing sensor, it is not, I know where the flushing sensor is. This lens was carved into the side divider wall. The hole you see is not carved by me. This is what gave it off to me, the HOLE , then I looked closely, I saw the lens.”

Mikayla’s post has since attracted mixed reactions from netizens, who were unsure of whether to take her claims at face value.

Some thanked her for alerting them of the spycam’s existence and location.


On the other hand, many slammed her for destroying public property and accused her of creating unnecessary panic.




Following the uproar online, GSC Head of PR and Branding Sharmine Ishak issued an official statement over the matter.

Speaking to China Press, he said that the “spycam” was actually a screw belonging to a tissue dispensing holder.

Perhaps it was because it was round in shape, which caused the netizen to mistake it as a spycam.

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“I’m unsure as to whether every toilet stall had the same kind of tissue dispensing holder, but the fourth toilet stall’s dispensing holder was previously dismantled and moved somewhere else, thus leaving the screw behind,” he said.

Sharmine also urged the public to contact GSC immediately if they were to encounter any suspicious incidents.

But the real issue is the fact that women everywhere don’t feel safe, to the point where they’d let their paranoia take over and jump to the worst possible scenario.

I don’t blame her for being cautious, but vandalism is never okay, though!