WATCH: Netizens React To A Group Of Boys Cooking Instant Noodles in Toilet Sink in KL Hotel

Recently, a video of a boy “cooking” instant noodles in a hotel sink went viral on Twitter after it received plenty of backlash because of how disgusting it was.

The video was originally posted on TikTok, and then reposted by a Twitter account after being taken down by the owner after receiving backlash from netizens.

In the video, a group of boys can be seen in a hotel room in KL. A boy then can be seen in the washroom, “cooking” ramen in the sink of the hotel room.

Two chunks of uncooked ramen were swimming in a pool of seasoned water in the toilet sink, right next to the toilet bowl.

The tweet has amassed more than 690,000 views and 4,909 retweets. Users took to the comments section to express how disgusted they were by what they had just witnessed.

Many called out the group for being disgusting and stupid, whilst a user told them to keep their stupidity to themselves.

Some Twitter users believe that the video was done only for the purposes of content and that the group of boys would not actually eat the possibly-contaminated ramen.

After watching the video, a couple of Twitter users who used to work as housekeeping for hotels, described how filthy a hotel room’s sink really is.

“Usually the sink will be the last thing we clean AND we use the same exact cloth to wipe the toilet bowl and sink. That’s just the way we clean it.”

Another user pointed out that they also use harsh chemicals when cleaning and disinfecting the toilet.

Check out the full video here: