WATCH: VIP Convoy Given Road Priority Instead Of Ambulance On Highway, Officer Replies To Netizen

A TikTok page recently shared how an ambulance had to give way to a VIP convoy on a highway, where the ambulance can be seen stuck in traffic waiting for the convoy to pass.

They wrote, “VIP Government Car vs Ambulance!” while in the video, the driver recording the incident can be heard saying, “MP blocking ambulance again. P***mak, MP blocking ambulance again! What the f***!”

It is unsure as to who the convoy was transporting or where exactly the incident took place, though it is rumoured to have happened on the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Express Highway.

Malaysians have since taken to the comment section of the TikTok post to share their disdain over the treatment of VIPs.

One netizen decided to tag a traffic police outrider in the post, who then shared that he had no comment over the incident as he wasn’t there. But, he did condemn the person recording the incident for his use of foul language and using his phone while he drove.

“No comment. I was not at the location and do not know the real situation. The one recording is wrong too, with his bad language and using his hand-phone while driving”, the officer shared.

This is further adding to the tension caused by the huge treatment gap between VIPs and the people. Usually ambulances and other emergency medical vehicles should always have priority of way.

The local authorities have yet to release any statements in regards to this.

You can watch the enraging video here.

Unfortunately, this is not the first occurrence. In December 2021, a video went viral online showing an ambulance being forced to stop and give way to VIP vehicles.

Over the Christmas weekend, a video went viral, showcasing an ambulance having to give way to a VIP convoy escorted by PDRM vehicles.