Tuborg presents JUICE’s 6th Birthday Bash @ Poppy

Text Ili Farhana and Kevin Yeoh
Images Andy Koh

JUICE takes parties seriously, especially if it’s OUR party. And in true JUICE fashion, we teamed up with the best partners going and saw to it that our Stars & Stripes theme birthday bash made like a monster and trampled all over anything going elsewhere in the city – even, we like to think, American Independence Day celebrations (sorry P Bush).

As JUICE fans loyally sidestepped the Jalan P Ramlee traffic for entry, their JUICE badges and one hell of a goodie bag, inside the newly renovated Poppy, indie DJ collective Twilight Actiongirl kicked it off with agro rock and indie angst. On the opposite stage, punk pop band, One Buck Short was on next, jacked on energy and in the mood to share. With the crowd still suffering from a bad case of sobriety, you had to hand it to Mooky especially for tirelessly working it til the crowd’s finally came unhinged.

Of course, it wouldn’t be proper party without embarrassing games, not that you needed egging on especially with limited edition JUICE vs Boundlezz tees, Hugo Boss fragrances, Adidas vouchers and a holiday to give away, or challenges that involved drinking Tuborg!

Stage cleared models styled by our favourite party monster illKidd and suited up in Adidas’ stalked the stage to the sound of OBS cranked up to 11. Then just when we were expecting the usual happy birthday sing-song, OBS drops a specially written birthday number! Down come the balloons, off go the yummy cupcakes into waiting mouths and yet more one-off tees are dispatched unto the backs of JUICE readers many of whom were spotted wearing the dress code stars, stripes or even both! Superstars!

Meanwhile as all this hoo-ha was going on downstairs, upstairs VIPs and JUICE invited guests were rolling six deep. Dynamic duo Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! wasted no time setting up the scene as the growing throng mingled. But the highlight had to be DJ Gabriel’s dish of dirty phat tunes and Joey G, who worked some powerful energy on the mic turning the dancefloor into a tizzy of arms, legs and smiles. As Fuzz put the final touches to his set downstairs, upstairs Vice Modern Disco closed the session. Signs it was going off? Wild ice-throwing action breaks out at the bar was, pardon the pun, only the tip of the iceberg. And still people were banging down the doors to get in, even after entry was closed.

JUICE turned 6 in June and celebrated with a stars and stripes themed party on July 4. For making it happen so spectacularly, big hugs and wet sloppy kisses to Tuborg, Poppy, Boundlezz, Cupcake Chic, Channel V, Hitz.fm, Adidas, Subaru, Twilight Actiongirl, One Buck Short, DJ Fuzz, MC Philly Roca, Vice Modern Disco, illKiDD, the models, Joey G, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, DJ Gabriel and of course YOU for always being there for us. Aww shucks…