Teens on Motorbikes in My Neighbourhood Are Trying To Run Over Dogs & Their Female Owners

For illustration purpose only. (source: Bernama)

I live in a neighbourhood in Bangsar where kids on basikal lajak are a common sight. Even on a busy road, they used to zip up and down without a care. After a while, these kids graduated to riding motorbikes (without helmets).

I used to think that the solution was simple – leave it to the authorities to catch them.

But it has recently come to my attention that the problem is directly putting lives in danger as these kids are targeting female dogwalkers and their pets in a slew of hit-and-run cases.

Over the weekend, yet another member of my community was harassed by teen bike rider who rode extremely close to her and her dog and shouted at them. According to the dogwalker, the teen on the motorbike noticed that she saw him approaching, but the teen, unfazed, went ahead and did what he did.

The incident spurred another person in our pet-owner’s community’s Whatsapp group to come forth with details of another incident where the dog was killed in a hit-and-run.

Same details as the teen on the motorbike, with the perpetrator this time yelling “something about anjing” as he fled from the crime scene.

You may think that these are isolated incidents, or even that it’s just done by one sick individual (and not the whole gang of kids who used to go on their basikal lajak). I wish this was true…

A few years ago, a dogwalker from our community came across a grisly sight. In an open field, there was a cage with the carcass of a burnt dog inside. You know who else likes to burn the living alive? Some people that some Malaysians worship.

For illuestration purpose only. (source: Mumbai Live)

It’s often said that our environment is a reflection of our community’s behaviour. On my walks with my dog, I have noticed the environment where these troubled teens might come from.

Take a look at the pictures below. Really puts the saying ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ to test…

DBKL usually sends someone to clean up the mess but it returns to this state after a couple of weeks.

The huge mountain of trash that fortifies the area is evident of a lack of civic-mindedness, and a breeding ground for decease-carrying rodents and pests.

There are more pictures of the filth, but I’d rather not repulsive you with it. Back to our main point…

Even though our MP is supportive of a pet (dog) friendly community, the community leaders from the places where these teens come from, might not even listen to us when we raise the issue as noted in one of the messages in our community’s pet’s group.

According to the message, the community leaders are reluctant to talk about the issue and some even feel it’s a joke or it’s okay to hurt stray dogs.

With police reports filed, we can only wait and hopefully catch any future incidents on video as evidence. So I guess we’re back at square one… Unless you, dear reader, alert others about this. Warn your dogwalker friends to be vigilant on their walks with their furkids. Paranoia sucks, but it’s better than losing a life.

Also, be mindful of the neighbourhood you live in. All animals are equal, but apparently not all men.