Dance the Night Away with TOKiMONSTA for Her KL Comeback

Fri, 22nd Feb '19


Jiro Kuala Lumpur


TOKiMONSTA Opens Up About Recovering From a Rare Fatal Brain Disease

“I didn’t want to pity myself, but it was a heart-wrenching pain.”


Lune Rouge is Set to Be a New Chapter in TOKiMONSTA’s Musical Journey

Hip-hop producer Jennifer Lee speaks to JUICE about her new album, the L.A. beat scene, and her recent collaboration with Yuna.


We’ve 5 Pairs of Passes to Upfront Pres. TOKiMONSTA Live in KL Up for Grabs

Your chance to witness the electronic music magic that is TOKiMONSTA.


Get Your Fix of the LA Beat Scene as TOKiMONSTA Comes to KL

Fri, 11th Aug '17

7pm - 12am

The Bee, Publika


TOKiMONSTA Takes Us Down the Rabbit Hole

JUICE talks to TOKiMONSTA ahead of her set and lecture to find out about sushi, Murakami, and her infatuation with stickers.