Man Jumped Queue & Punched Someone Just to Cop a Pair of adidas NMDs

Some people gotta learn how to behave in public.


You Can Now Shop for Your Fav Streetwear Cause Major Drop Just Opened @ Mid Valley

The neon lights and sleek looking interior is gonna make it easier for us to shop AKA break the bank.


Major Drop Releases a Groundbreaking First Collaboration with Negative Clothing

A four-piece capsule collection can do no wrong.


Timberland’s ‘Kesagiri’ Collection is About That #Cozy Life

Remiscent of the almighty Yeezy.

Last Word

Dawn of the Planet of the BAPEs

Chill, we’re not roasting the brand à la Supreme.


Major Drop is Launching in Penang & Everyone’s Invited to the Party

Fri, 21st Jul '17

7pm - 11pm

Pestle & Mortar Clothing Penang Chapter


8 Reasons Why Supreme Just Sucks

I’m not a streetwear heretic. I just have good sense.