TikToker Felt “Petty” Travelling 5,935 Miles From California To South Korea To Remove Old Love Lock

Would you travel across the world to remove a bad memory?


RM71 to Fly to Seoul? Corona Virus Fears Ground Flight Prices

The only 2-in-1 deal we’re not keen on..


Feeding the Malaysian Soul into the Seoul of Koreans with Nasi Lemak

It’s a bit pricey thanks to the exchange rate, but at least Ben Duzy is sharing Nasi Lemak to the rest of the world without bastardising it.


Malaysian Restaurants Around The World

Craving a plate of nasi goreng in Tokyo? Missing chicken rice while in Frankfurt? You wouldn’t think to find Malaysian food in these cities.

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Foo Fighters Announce Shows in Singapore, Bangkok, and Seoul!

Have you been waiting for this for all your life?