Immerse Yourself in Local Art, Music & Culture at Festival Anak Muda This Weekend!

Fri, 16th Aug '19 - Sun, 18th Aug '19

10 am - 7 pm

The National Art Gallery


Dig Deep Into The Lives of Malaysians at The Human Exhibit on Sex & Gender

Thu, 4th Jul '19 - Sun, 14th Jul '19

Depending on date

AkuSembunyi @ PJ


Charissa Ong Talks Self-Publishing, Heartbreaks and Her New Book ‘Daylight Dialogues’

With words close to heart, Charissa pours them into her second book.


Celebrate Art on a Rooftop with In Defence of Poetry

Sat, 7th Jul '18 - Sat, 14th Jul '18

5:30pm - 2am

Urban Culture Sdn Bhd PJ


“If you’re gonna date a poet, they’re gonna write about you.” – Cat Brogan

Advice on self-expression and poetry from an unapologetic poet.


VIDEO: A Stunning, Poetic Look at The Female Bond with Yuna

A short for Mercedes’ She’s Mercedes initiative.


Trina Teoh’s Valley Deep Into You is Bite-sized Feelings Packed Within a Poetic Framework

A conversation with Trina on being a self-published author, an empath, and being consumed by feelings.