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Fri, 1st Mar '19


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VIDEO: Alicia Amin Dances to a Trippy Washing Machine in Golden Mammoth’s ‘Malicious Judicious’ MV

Can’t expect anything less than a trippy video from a psych rock band.


LISTEN: Vandal’s New Single ‘Rap Crypto’ Fuses Hip Hop with the Blockchain Revolution

Drawing from a well of experience in online radio and Bitcoin, veteran hip hop ambassador Vandal is ready to introduce the first phase of his new musical project.


LISTEN: Frank Ocean Debuts Fresh New Track ‘Provider’ on blonded RADIO

While everyone was wound up with the 2017 VMAs and the GoT season finale, Frank Ocean was busy putting out some great new material.


LISTEN: alextbh Just Dropped a New Double Single That’s Smoother Than Silk

‘Mornings (See You Again)’ and ‘Lead the Way’ are two sides of the same coin.


20 (+5) Albums You Need To Look Out For In (What’s Left Of) 2017

It looks like 2017’s still not done giving us some absolutely dope releases…


LISTEN: After a Long Sabbatical, Leo Ari Revisits ‘Burung Perawan’ With a 2.0 Update

Leo Ari is rebuilding the human relationships he had abandoned with ‘Burung Perawan 2.0’.


LISTEN: Zhu’s Clubby And Robotic ‘Intoxicate’ Makes You Work the Dance Floor

The hooded figure is coming to us in August.


LISTEN: Beatmaker Daaliah’s ‘V a g u e’ is Soulection Makossa

Daaliah brings the familiar vocal refrain “ma-mako, ma-ma-sa, mako-mako ssa” to the modern day.


LISTEN: ‘Ride Away’ with Alistair Alvin & Zamaera’s Ørumari-produced Track

Alistair Alvin is a new face in the scene to watch out for.