Anak Jalanan Chow Kit: True Stories from Children Living Off The Streets

Chow Kit, Malaysia’s darkest secret… until now.


24 Days and 11 States Later, Zulhezan Explores What Home Means with ‘Faharasat’

After six decades, did we leave anything behind?


VIDEO: Watch Pa’din Musa’s Documentary—DEMI

“At the end of the day, it’s the journey and the experience that matter.” 


Tokyo Idols Uncovers the Urban Loneliness Surrounding Life in Modern Japan

Far from being a sensationalised piece, Kyoko Miyake’s film is at once inquisitive and self-reflective on the rise of idol girls and the middleaged men who dedicate their lives to them.


Here are the Human Rights Documentaries You Need to Catch at Freedom Film Festival 2017

Sat, 2nd Sep '17 - Sat, 9th Sep '17

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