Syed Saddiq Slams Critics With ‘Bukan Baju MUDA’ Shirt After ‘Inappropriate’ Attire To Booster Shot


Previously, there were pictures circulating online where there are people wearing MUDA’s t-shirt sitting around a table full of beer cans and bottles. There were also accusations saying that those ‘MUDA members’ in the photos were using flood relief aid to buy alcohol.

The accusations were later debunked by MUDA’s co-founder Syed Saddiq as a sabotage attempt by other political parties.

Yesterday morning, Syed Saddiq posted a tweet with a photo of him wearing a t-shirt ‘bukan baju muda’ with the caption, “GM! Today I am not wearing MUDA clothes. No problem right?”

“Don’t worry, this is not a MUDA shirt, you can style it anywhere you want without obstacles because this is not a MUDA shirt,” a netizen replied.

A few weeks ago, the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) president was criticised online for wearing a white shirt while getting his booster shot as some claimed it was inappropriate.

In response to the criticism, Syed Saddiq reprimanded those who attempted to find fault over his photo.

“Wear white shirt also wrong?” said the former youth and sports minister.

“I just got back from an interview with the media to talk about flood (relief) missions.”

“Seriously, don’t you have anything better to do?”

The MUDA shirt turns out to be from a society named illumudati and its product, the T-Shirt Bukan Baju MUDA is actually available online for RM49.90.

With every purchase of the t-shirt, RM5 will be donated to and you’ll also get a free sticker.