Star Wars Movie Marathon

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Phantom Menace_2

The seventh part of the most popular franchise in film history will take place in less than three weeks and aspiring Padawans everywhere are losing their minds. Fans have probably already thought of watching the last six episodes before The Force Awakens, well, Frisky Bar wants to be your host. This event will obviously be attended by diehards because who else is willing to spend that many hours watching movies? So instead of fangirling at home, why not share the joy with others who share mutual feelings? Besides not having to worry about food and drinks, you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up after either. The only challenge we foresee is driving home; after crying out all the excitement, one’s vision is sure to be blurry.

Watch the trailer below incase you missed it:

Date Thursday 26 November ’15
Time 10pm
Venue Frisky Rooftop Bar, KL

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