Woman Involved In Basikal Lajak Case Receives 6-Year Sentence & RM6k Fine For Reckless Driving

Clerk sentenced to 6 years' jail over 'basikal lajak' case | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

5 years ago, 8 teenagers on their basikal lajak met their demise in a fatal road accident. The driver who hit them, Sim Ke Ting, in her defence stated that she did not see the group of cyclists at the material time.

Just today, Sin Chew reported that High Court, Johor Bahru has sentenced 27-year-old Sim Ke Ting to 6 years’ imprisonment & a fine of RM6,000 following the offence of reckless driving, which resulted in the death of 8 teenagers on modified bicycle (basikal lajak).

Her jail term starts today.

Pemandu wanita kes basikal lajak dipenjara enam tahun, denda RM6,000 - Utusan Digital

Judge Datuk Abu Bakar said various factors were taken into account, including public interest and the submissions of relevant parties in the appeal.

“The act of the respondent of driving in a reckless or dangerous manner has resulted in the loss of 8 lives. The offence committed by the respondent is a grave offence.”

Basikal lajak: Jurujual diperintah bela diri

The accident happened at 3:20 am in February 2017 at Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, Johor Bahru. She had originally been freed from a charge of reckless driving by the Magistrates’ Court in October 2019, being acquitted and discharged at the end of the prosecution’s case without having her called to the stand for her defence.

In his decision, Judge Abu Bakar Katar said the prosecution had proven a prima facie case and the High Court had ordered the accused to enter her defence.

The respondent, in her defence, stated that she did not see the group of cyclists at the scene of incident and there were other vehicle that hit the deceased bicycles and drove away. This version had never been raised by the respondent during the prosecution case, according to Malay Mail.


The news has since circulated on social media and netizens have mostly expressed their dissatisfaction with the sentence as they feel that Sim is the real victim in this incident. On Reddit, netizens have said that the parents are in fact responsible for their children’s death.

While others disagreed..

In the meantime, many have also hoped for an appeal of the court’s decision for the case. Do you think Sim deserved the punishment?