Purple Flag Campaign Calls For More Donors To Step Forward To Lend A Helping Hand

Source: malaysiakini

The economy might be opening up, but The White Flag Movement has not retired!

There are still many in need who are affected by financial troubles caused by the worldwide pandemic.

Although there have been many initiatives set up to help, including numerous good-hearted citizens who have set up charitable businesses, there are always more ways we could provide assistance.

The Purple Flag Campaign was initiated by KitaJaga.co in early September and aims to keep the humanitarian momentum going by creating a presence to signal that help is still available to those who need it.

Founder of KitaJaga.co, Reza Razali, stresses the importance on bridging the gap between those who needed help, and those who want it.

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“It is an ongoing problem that’s already affected thousands of Malaysians and rather than just create awareness around it, we have created a platform for Malaysians to actually do something about it – a solution for Malaysians by Malaysians.”

The White Flag Movement kicked off with a good start, but the numbers began to slowly decline.

“Initially, we had 29,195 people registered to donate via KitaJaga but only 3,990 have actually done so.

“Many donors dropped off as they cited health and safety concerns in having to manage the deliveries.”

Since starting The Purple Flag Campaign, they have managed to help 53 recipients.

However, there are still many more white flags unanswered.

Source: kitajaga.co

As of today, there are seventeen times more white flags than there are purple ones. This shows the drastic need for more donors to come forward and lend a helping hand.

Here’s how you can help:

Register yourself as a donor at KitaJaga.co and simply pin the virtual purple flag at your location. Pack your donations with daily necessities and notify the KitaJaga team that your package is ready for pick-up.

The team will then coordinate a time to pick up and drop off the donations to homes with white flags. This process is completely free of charge.

Source: The Star

Many of us are fortunate enough to not have budgetary concerns for our everyday necessities. The Purple Flag Campaign reminds us to be mindful of our privilege and think about others.

We’re all in this together, help out where you can! #KitaJagaKita