Prasarana Investigates Staff Who Slapped Customer For Taking 2 Cup Noodles Without Paying

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A viral video on social media showed a man in a Parsarana uniform assaulting a civilian at a convenience store on Tuesday (March 29).

The We are Malaysians Facebook page showcased the videos on their profile, sharing that the staff member shouldn’t have beat the man as he had only taken 2 instant noodle cups from the store out of hunger and allegedly without paying.

They wrote, “He was just hungry and ate 2 cups of instant noodles and don’t have money to pay, it’s not stealing. There’s no need for the Prasarana (Rapid Bus) staff to beat him, just sending him to the police is enough.”

In one of the videos, the Prasarana staff member can be seen questioning the man and slapping him repeatedly while in a second video, a Prasarana auxiliary police officer demanded that the man to pay for the 2 instant noodle cups.

Throughout the man’s interaction with the 2 staff members, he appeared incoherent with his words.

Many have since taken to the comment section to criticise the staff member’s actions and the entire situation in general.

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“Rapid KL, is this your staff? Do they have the authority to slap people? I think he learned from Will Smith who slapped Chris Rock. It’s just Maggi, you don’t see people slapping those who have robbed billions,” said one commenter.

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It is also important to note that while some believe that the man may be disabled others have pointed out that he might be drunk.

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The Abam Penguatkuasa Facebook page has claimed that the man was seen buying alcohol from the same convenience store before the incident.

“Before this, the man had entered the premise to buy alcohol. So, he can buy alcohol but instant noodles he cannot buy. So, many people are wrongly sympathising with the man,” they wrote.

Rapid KL has since released a statement sharing that they are in the midst of investigating the staff member.

“We take seriously the allegation that the person beating is a Prasarana staff based on the uniform worn in the video. It is believed that the incident occurred when the victim was remanded and accused of taking food without paying at a convenience store,” said the statement.

“However, the beater’s behaviour is contrary to Prasarana’s code of work ethic. In any situation, if further assistance is needed, it should be extended to the authorities,” they shared.

Rapid KL asks that those who witnessed the incident to step forward and contact them at 03-7885 2585 or [email protected]

“Prasarana also apologises for this incident and guarantees that appropriate follow-up action will be taken to ensure such things do not happen again in the future,” they added.