Pisco Pres. Slugabed feat. Reesh9000 & CEE

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UK producer Slugabed will be stopping by Pisco for one night thanks to the bar along Jalan Mesui and Detour Asia, of whom its proprietor CEE will serve as supporter of the show as well. The elusive Reesh9000, too, will be present to drop some feel-good choons, while the same collective who will VJ at our NB4T x Phyla gig, The Tomoe, will supply the night with visuals. Slugabed is one of those producers with an eccentric internet existence that is also reflected in his production as well as the bits and pieces of samples from rap and hip hop and occasionally, in the doses of humour (be it via his music or meme-informed internet persona). While adjectives like dreamy, intricate, and complex would no doubt litter any write-up regarding his music, Slugabed is distinct from the self-serious UK bass scene in that he injects fun into the whole affair.

Here’s his latest work – a remix of Iglooghost’s ‘Peanut Choker’:

More information on the event here

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