Pet Owners Beware: M’sian Shares How Her Dog Died From Cardiac Arrest During A Walk After The Rain

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Often, danger can’t be seen or predicted from where it may come from. It may be lurking around the next corner, or it can even come from beneath your feet, which is why we wear shoes.

But what about our furry loved ones who do not have shoes? Or our little children who sometimes prefer to go barefoot while playing outside?

Netizen, Hazel Chee, took to her Facebook page to spread awareness of an unseen danger beneath our feet, after her parents’ beloved pet dog died during a walk.

It turns out that sometimes, faulty underground wiring from street lights can cause electricity to surge to the surface, posing a danger to anything or anyone who, by chance, are not wearing shoes on their feet.

She wrote, “PSA for pet owners, avoid walking your dog in the rain or after the rain has just stopped, if the ground is wet. If you’re walking your dog and it suddenly starts jumping frantically and screaming, pull it away from where it is standing IMMEDIATELY.”

“Last night, my parent’s dog died suddenly during their usual evening walk in the (Alam Damai Recreation) park (in Cheras). As soon as he started hopping and shouting, he collapsed from cardiac arrest. They attempted CPR but the success rate of CPR in pets is less than 5%.”

It turns out that the dog was jumping and screaming due to the electricity coming from the ground.

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“What happened? The lamp post nearby probably had faulty wiring underground, and electricity was leaking into the ground. To make things worse, it had just rained and the ground was wet,”

“As soon as he stepped onto the affected area, he was gone.”

While us humans wear shoes with rubber soles, our pets do not have the same protection.

“We are heartbroken by what has happened, and a report will be made to the local council about the wiring. But, I hope that by sharing this, pet owners (and maybe even parents) can be more weary about such incidents,” she explained, as parents should also keep an eye out for their children who prefer to play barefooted.

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Hazel also urged netizens to contact Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) to look into these potential, invisible threats when discovered.

“TNB was contacted to come check and they confirmed the large leakage area. But the park is owned by DBKL, so they need to get approval before starting the repair works,” she said.

“Meanwhile, if you know of somewhere with an electricity leakage, please contact TNB!”

We genuinely hope that everyone remains safe and careful of such invisible threats. Just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.