Perth Fashion Festival Diary: Day 2

Another day and another itinerary full of fun activities. There was no time to waste, we were heading up north to Fremantle – or as the locals call it ‘Freo’ to see 2 Perth Fashion Festival exhibitions called ‘Beyond Garment’ and ‘Atmosphere’.

Freo was half an hour away but the ride was very scenic especially when we drove along Perth’s beautiful Swan River and passed through small, suburban towns. Fremantle is a city filled with beautiful old buildings and is said to be the place where artists meet because of its huge music, arts and cafe culture. We made our first stop at Maritime Museum where the first exhibition ‘Beyond Garment’ was held.

Although linked to the Perth Fashion Fest, ‘Beyond Garment’ takes a less literal approach to fashion. In the exhibition curator’s Anne Farren’s (also the Director of Fashion in the School of Design and Art at Curtin University) essay, it says “Beyond Garment is an exploration of the objects and materials of dress and fashion that sit beyond the conventions of garment. It examines how we use these objects to express ourselves, featuring accessory and textile related practices, giving them presence, place and acknowledgment in a world where the ‘frock’ is all too often the main event.”

And it wasn’t short of impressive. Looking at materials that were used in a different light was inspiring. Every piece to the next was better than the last. From lit up garments, to towering works of art – it was truly a refreshing experience.

Up next was ‘Atmosphere’ another exhibition that was held down the road at a beautiful ol-skool hall called Victoria Hall. ‘Atmosphere’ plays along the lines of ‘Beyond Garment’ but features the top Fremantle fashion and textile designers as conceptual artists.

After the 2 exhibitions it was time to do some ‘op shopping’ or as we call it, ‘bundle’. We managed to get a bit of time to browse around Good Sammy’s and I managed to find a black column skirt for AUD$5. What a steal! But alas it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for the night at Fashion Paramount again where the shows were being held.

Student Runway featured the most promising fashion students from Western Australia where each of the students showcased one garment in each student’s selected category like ready-to-wear for women, men, eco-design (personal favourite!), contemporary evening wear and costume couture.

As they always say, the best is saved for the last. The biggest event – probably the biggest out of the entire festival is the fashion show by WA’s most famous label Wheels & Dollbaby owned by its famous designer Melanie Greensmith. We even got a sneak peek backstage to see the action!

The 43 piece runway show was accompanied music by her famous rocker husband Mark McEntee of Australia and his band DiVinyls. The best surprise of the night was when Leah Wood, Rolling Stone baby and daughter to Ronnie Wood, came on stage to give a performance.

What a long eventful day it has been! After the show all of us retired back to our hotel rooms for another big day ahead of us.

Day 3 will be a visit to Subiaco town and the final night of runway so stay tuned. Check out Day 1 here! Check out more pix in the gallery below!