Palate Palette’s Guide To Chilling Out


Su-Ann and Sisiew are the funkiest husband and wife pairing in town. They run Palate Palette on Jalan Mesui in KL, a bar and restaurant with a relaxed Boho vibe. As there’s 2 more days left of the long Hari Raya break before it all goes bonkers, here’s your last chance to chill, and the PP crew who you how.

Go where the day takes you
Sometimes it’s good to let chance take the driver’s seat. It’s about letting go, and letting it flow. Life cannot be planned, it can only be lived. Allow spontaneous events to happen and just enjoy the moment. Don’t fret the small stuff, but instead treasure the moment and chill out!

Wear slippers on Sunday  – or everyday
It’s that ‘do nothing’ day, no work, no stress; all you need to do is just relax. Sunday is when you leave that tie behind and find that old crumply t-shirt. It’s all about getting comfortable. At Palate Palette you can bring your pet or get smoky with the thematic BBQ, every 1st Sunday of every month). Happy Hours are nice and long too (12 to 8pm everyday). So come as you are.

Give your eyes a treat
Watch the sunrise. Count shooting stars. Gaze at a bird. If you can’t, then just sit back and enjoy a film! Once every month, Palate Palette’s upstairs lounge is turned into a mini cinema for Anything Goes, Anything Shows!. Also comes with free popcorn, and a free feast for your eyes.

Let the music take you there
Ahh…reggae. Lilting and bendy legged and very very laid back. Keep an ear to the ground for PP’s next Roots party. It’s reggae sets, candles, poetry reading, fire-juggling, one love and good vibes.

Sometimes all you need to do is just focus on what you take for granted – inhaling and exhaling. Do nothing but breathe. An empty mind is sometimes a good thing. You can also calm your senses with aromatherapy oils, meditation and Yoga. Lightworks (, next door to Palate Palette, has wonderful yoga classes and nice-smelling Goddess essential oils to help you ‘breathe’ better.

Go away
It’s important to sometimes just take a trip away from your comfort zone. Near and (not so) far, these are some of our favourite chill-out spots that might just rejuvenate your soul.
Mañana, Borneo ( A friend’s chalet in a private bay near Kota Kinabalu. It’s the vibe, beach and fire-spinning that gets people chilling out for months. There’s always ‘tomorrow’!
The Dusun, Seremban: Initially a friend’s orchard, it will soon be opened for others to experience living in your own kampung house amidst lush jungle, tweeting birds, and their latest addition – an infinity pool! You also get to pluck your own rambutans or wait for durians to fall.
Magick River, Kuala Kubu Bahru ( Believed to be a spiritual river by Antares and the Temuan orang asli tribe, it is also a place for a soulful retreat. Find your own waterfall and be one with nature.
Sekeping Serendah ( It’s a private retreat that celebrates the surrounding natural environment with what they call ‘glorified tents’.

Find your own secret lagoon
There is what we call the ‘secret lagoon’ somewhere on Tioman. It is a spot of absolute tranquility and charged energy. It requires a half-hour trek from the beach, and there’s never really anyone around, so you have this gorgeous lagoon all to yourself, complete with darting fish, Tarzan tree ropes, and a freezing cold waterfall. We all need to look for our own special hidden place to have that moment with ourselves, and just chill.

Sit under a Tower tree
Coconut trees by the beach would be ideal for lazing under, but if you can’t find one, then look for a Tower tree in the city! Palate Palette has 7, and they’ve grown beautifully to create that shady atmosphere just nice for swinging hula hoops, or contemplating life. Hammocking is a state of mind.

Hang out in a café
What we love about café culture is just sitting around, flipping through magazines and watching people do their thing, be it at a good espresso bar or a mamak. It’s the idea of eating and drinking, of exchanging stories with friends, of just being away from home yet feeling at home. If you’re in the area, drop by and café with us. We made Palate Palette an oasis in the heart of the city. Find your favourite chair, drink something yummy (I recommend Oh Boi) and do as you wish. After all, life is all about chilling out.

Go say hi to the good people at Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar at 21 Jalan Mesui, KL or ring them up at 03 2142 2148.