Netizens React To Rapid KL’s Apology For Delays At Kajang MRT Line & Overcrowding At Stations

Videos and photos of crowded trains and MRT stations have been circulating across social media this morning as the Kajang MRT Line was delayed.

Public transport provider and MRT operator, Rapid KL apologised for the inconvenience and stated in a statement that the delay was due to technical issues at the Phileo Damansara MRT Station.

“The delay was caused by a number 22 train which experienced technical difficulties while approaching the Phileo Damansara MRT Station.

“Our operators have since activated our alternate service plan by using another route between the Phileo Damansara station and Semantan station,” they wrote in the statement.

The MRT operators also said that commuters from Kwasa Sentral would need to get off and get an intermediary train at Phileo Damansara Station to the Semantan Station.

Users coming from Kajang would need to get on an intermediary train at the Semantan Station to Phileo Damansara Station.

This situation caused the movement of the train to become slower and stop longer on the platform.

Furious commuters, some who were late for work because of the delay, took to Rapid KL’s customer support account on Twitter to share videos and photos of the situation.

Here are some of the reactions from angry netizens:

Aside from the prolonged delay, commuters also raise their concern regarding the breach of Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) at some stations and MRTs as there was no social distancing at some of the stations and inside the MRTs.

Although Rapid KL has issued their apologies on Twitter, some social media users were not convinced.

In a more recent update, Rapid KL has tweeted that all of their technical problems at the Kajang MRT Line have been rectified and operations are running as per usual.