MAS’ International Flights Are Priced Lower Than A Ticket To Sarawak & Netizens Are Furious

Malaysians recently found out that it’s supposedly cheaper to take an international flight to London, England than it is to fly domestically to Kuching, Sarawak from Kuala Lumpur on Christmas.

Taking their grievances online, netizens had a bone to pick with just how much local and regional airlines were charging for flight tickets to East Malaysia for the upcoming year-end holiday season.

A tweet posted by user @aripfredo asked Malaysian Airlines to explain why ticket prices from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to the Kuching International Airport was so expensive.

He posted a screenshot from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) website comparing flight tickets’ prices from Kuala Lumpur to London, and another one to Kuching, Sarawak.

The ticket price to Kuching was priced at RM1499, while tickets to London was RM1469. He sarcastically captioned the pictures with, “Let’s just celebrate Christmas in London.”

Sarawakian singer-songwriter Alena Murang also posted her dissatisfaction towards the marked up ticket prices.

She stated how it’s more affordable flying to Kota Kinabalu or Langkawi during the same period. Plus, she doesn’t understand why only the ticket prices to Sarawak are marked up.


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She pleaded on behalf of all Sarawakians, for airline companies to make the ticket prices affordable so Sarawakians can go back and celebrate Christmas with their families.

Following the tweet from Aboy (@aripfredo), MAS replied, saying that their prices are based on demand and availability.

They also recommended him to “search on a different date combination to obtain (his) preferred fare.”

To which another netizen asked sarcastically, “Please advise on when we could actually fly back home to celebrate Christmas, in January or February perhaps?”

We understand the frustration of netizens over the ridiculously overpriced ticket fares because we would be as frustrated too if we are unable to make it back home to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones.

Were there times when you were unable to go back during the holidays because of the outrageous ticket fare?