Man Creates Different Identities To Scam Women He Met On Tinder


With each passing day, the upsurge of disgusting male predators online keeps increasing by tenfolds. Looking at the list JUICE had compiled during Halloween of this year of the 10 Scariest Types of Men to Avoid, it seems like we have another addition and we’re not even halfway through November. This time, the lurking predator comes in the form of an alleged scammer who has created several different identities to trick women into giving him nudes or agreeing to dates.

The investigation into this matter was spearheaded by a Twitter user by the name of @martineekagIn the month of November, she received a seemingly innocent and coincidental message from a woman who claims her name is Natalie. From there, the scammer began to spin a web of lies that entangled possibly more than 40 women. The full thread can be read below.

To summarise, the woman, supposedly named Natalie, is an alias for a man allegedly named Yuvan Nadarajan. By creating several different identities, such as Natalie, Kristy, Sarah, Dhruv, Roy and Josh (amongst others, I’m sure) he was able to gain the trust of the women he messages by using images of people who looked either friendly or attractive. He used this advantage by persuading the victims to send him nudes or to even have phone sex with him. Here is how the culprit looks.

Through the multiple statements from various women on Twitter who claims to have encountered him, Yuvan Nadarajan appears to be a liar to the umpteenth degree. To commit to preying on innocent women who are in search of love by exploiting their trust and degrading their autonomy deserves serious repercussions. Not only was this matter effecting @martineekag,  but numerous other women have come forward to share their experiences as well. It gets a lot worse.

Not only does he seem desperately invasive and perverted in the text messages, he also comes off as abysmally uncreative. He allegedly feeds the same lines to almost all the women he has contacted.

This girl apparently has met three different versions of Yuvan as seen by her thread.

To make matters even worse, another Twitter user, @sweetpotatopaii, has been victimised by Yuvan‘s consistent pestering. She dedicated a thread to explain and share screenshots from her experience.

Judging by the screenshots, the reason as to why Yuvan was able to prey on so many women was due to his system of interconnectivity. By introducing himself as one person (one of his many aliases), he was able to gain trust from the women he meets due to familiarity. When the time came to physically meet, Josh/Natalie/Dhruv or whoever it was that was speaking at the time would introduce the women to their friend a.k.a the actual scammer Yuvan/Roy.

The way he pretends to be your friend by wearing the face of another woman is eerie and extremely disturbing.

As of now, Yuvan has not responded to the slew of allegations towards him from many different women of all backgrounds but there has been an admission of guilt on “Josh’s” end.

To conclude, Tinder may be a platform for those seeking love or even just one night of fun, but it is also a hunting ground for people such as Yuvan. Despite his desperate attempt to fool his victims, his stories were lazily conceptualised and easily debunked due to the women’s curiosity and fervent urge to uncover the truth that lied beneath the suspicious influx of messages that were too convenient to be a coincidence.

If it weren’t for @martineekag‘s extensively detailed thread and the cooperation of more than 40 women, we would still be unaware of Yuvan and his aliases. This proves that we need to be proactive and cautious whenever we meet someone new. This goes beyond paranoia, this is a means to keep us safe from becoming victims of sexual predators such as the heavily accused Yuvan.

source: illustrated by kkkkkiddddd

To women on dating apps, tell your friends who you’ve been talking to. Share screenshots, numbers, pictures, locations and all other integral information before deciding to meet them in person. You never know who the person at the end of the line truly is.

To men, I hope that after reading this article and the multiple threads detailing the alleged atrocities of Yuvan that you will not accuse us of being overly paranoid when it is your brothers who have made us rightfully so. Observe your friends and monitor their behaviour. If you see them engaging in anything remotely similar, do not enable them because “Yuvan”s would not exist if it weren’t for the people who allowed them to be the way they are.


Our love lives are no longer what they used to be. We have unknowingly swapped butterflies in our stomachs, for gut-wrenching anxiousness and flowers in our hands, for fear-induced trembles. It’s time to keep men in check and the way to do that is for women to stick together.

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Main image: @martineekag