Malaysian Wins MTV EXIT’s Bold Lipstick Competition

Who says young people don’t care about global issues and the plight of their fellow citizens of the world? Last Valentine’s, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) launched a new campaign against human trafficking with a creative competition that involves you and your lipstick. Winning the hearts of the public with her portrayal of human trafficking, our very Chuah Siew Lin beat five other finalists to emerge as winner of the Bold Lipstick Competition!

Aimed to increase awareness on this global problem, contestants were asked to send a Valentine message, using red lipstick of behalf of those enslaved by human trafficking. As a result, thousands of emotionally charged and powerful photographs poured in, all highlighting what human trafficking really is. The use of lipstick was an apt tool to convey the sad, contravening message between a woman’s freedom and modern day slavery.

Siew Lin’s entry (featured picture) stood out among the rest with her direct and central theme to end trafficking. Her photograph bears the image of young girl sitting by the road side with the words ‘I want to go home’ plastered on the wall. Simple yet strong and affecting, her photograph clearly gave a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

JUICE wishes you our heartiest congratulations! Let’s stand together to put a stop to human trafficking.

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