M.I.A for H&M’s ‘World Recycle Week’ Initiative

Close the loop - overview


H&M started its first major social responsibility in 2013 — a garment collection initiative — by persuading customers to drop off their old or unwanted clothes to its stores. The purpose was for the garments to be recycled into new fabric for the production of more clothes! Finally, a cycle that isn’t vicious. Since the initiative started three years ago, H&M has collected over 25,000 tonnes of clothing and successfully created new products using the recycled materials, which will be used in its ‘Close the Loop’ collection, scheduled to be out later this year.

Now, with the latest campaign in that eco-line, H&M launches ‘World Recycle Week’ — an ambitious initiative to collect 1,000 tonnes of clothes from all 3,600 of its outlets.

To raise awareness even further, the fast fashion retailer joined forces with M.I.A — no better bad girl to work with — to produce a music video that highlights the environmental impact of having tonnes of clothes abandoned in landfills. Maybe the visuals will have the same direction as her ‘Borders’ music video? That definitely hit some sore spots, which is something H&M has the potential of doing as well.

We’ll have to wait for its premiere on H&M’s website on Sunday 2 April ’16 to be sure. Keep your eyes peeled.

H&M’s ‘World Recycle Week’ starts from Monday 18 April to Sunday 24 April ’16. Drop off your unwanted clothes at any of their outlets to join the cause. As H&M said, “ All textiles are welcome including odd socks, old towels, or the dress with a hole as nothing is too torn, worn, or used for a second life.” Except for underwear. That’s gross.

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