LISTEN: Yllis’ ‘wiik’

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Yllis is the moniker of Wang Wei Yang’s solo electronica project, whom you may recognise as the frontman of Singaporean band Monster Cat. Taken from forthcoming EP ISLAND-01, first single ‘wiik’ delivers on his promise to make otherworldly, intriguingly peculiar music, as he told last year. Ethereal voices swirl along with the gleaming electronic textures that bop and fester, then unfurls into a lush, meditative soundscape. While Wang directly references Autre Ne Veut when speaking about his influences, the track really recalls Baths’ work on Cerulean, right down to the high register of his voice and feel of the track; there is a certain tenderness that soon changes its disposition to a moodier, solemn manner as the denouement sees intelligible lyrics coming from the vocals.

Listen and/or download the song below:

Expect ISLAND-01 to come out some time in June. Follow Yllis on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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