LISTEN: Menikmati’s ‘Senyuman (Pradana Remix)’

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source: Pradana

Holy shit. With apologies to Adam Kasturi’s remix of the same track (which was still really good), Pradana’s take on Menikmati’s ‘Senyuman’ is the Indo-Malaysian artiste at the height of his production capabilities. While characterising the remix as “[his first] attempt to combine modern shit with [city pop] that went almost horribly wrong,” the finished result didn’t come close to being anywhere near wrong. The track is amorphous in its influences — seemingly changing genres every eight bars (jungle bass, d’n’b, etc., heads are exploding right now) — and if we were to surmise anything from Pradana’s recent obsession with the city pop genre and his musical repartee with noisician Jerk Kerouac on social media (sharing proto-city pop, soul funk, and anything from the same taxonomy with each other), this remix is Pradana’s music nerdery finally taking the form of its own track.

Stream or download the track below:

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