LISTEN: Killeur Calculateur’s ‘Funk Facts (Adam Kasturi Remix)’

Killeur Calculateur

The inaugural tune off Killeur Calculateur’s Book of Flags remix project, Adam Kasturi’s take on ‘Funk Facts’ makes a misnomer out of the song title — a factual error if you will. Gone are the funk grooves of the bassline and catchy guitar work, and in their place is Adam’s trademarked cacophony of jarring sounds that’s a lot noisier than the original post-punk romp of a track. The vocal work isn’t spared of major tinkering either; at first merely a faint loop only to later receive the pitch shifted up treatment before going to a closer (but mechanical) approximation of the original.

And you thought the band’s vocals were unintelligible before.

Remixes by Assad, Dizkopolis, DJ Bawang, flica, Half-court, Mailer Daemon, Max Lane, Misteriz, Moslem Priest, Sudarshan, SPCBR, and VMPRMYTH to follow soon. Keep up to date here.