LISTEN: Feel All the Feels with alextbh’s alive EP

source: alextbh

Our Dig of Many Weeks Ago, alextbh, came seemingly out of nowhere – as SoundCloud and DAW-indebted acts are wont to do. Now, similarly capricious in its release, the producer put forth his debut EP entitled alive last Saturday while most of us were busy in the revelry that was Good Vibes Festival ‘16. If Ta-ku and Hemmy were your highlights of the festival though, you’d do yourself a disservice by missing out on Alex’s new release; alive is a four-track EP that is heavy on the feels, continuing on the sentiment that defined ‘tbh’ – his first formal introduction to our ears (also featured on the EP). Titular track ‘alive’ wouldn’t be out of place on a Future Classic release, with the producer proving himself adept at crooning sans the pitch-shifted work that permeated a couple of his other songs. Not that the trope is bad in the context of alive – ‘why do you have to hurt me’, with its low pitch repetition of the title, reaches the nadir of heartbreak as much as ‘tbh’’s desperate “I still love you” pleas. alive also includes ‘feelings’, previously heard on HOAX WISHES U WELL, where the city it was composed in – Beijing – contributed to its Do Hits-esque sound.

Stream the EP below:

Download the EP here. alive is also available via Spotify.

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