LISTEN: F ∆ U X E’s ‘Be Brave (feat. OmarKENOBI)

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source: F A U X E

Opening with a couple’s quarrel over a forlorn lowtempo beat – mimicking the languor of a broken relationship – the masked producer-singer-songwriter begins new song ‘Be Brave’ with his rarely heard singing voice. Pained, hushed soliloquy of a depressed heart. Featured rapper OmarKENOBI then delivers the hurt machismo that often comes with coming of age; rapping with the intonation of a braggadocio track before harmonising with the beat in a singsongy delivery halfway through. Sadboys-style ironic melancholy this ain’t — you will feel genuine emotional pain by end of track. ‘Be Brave’ was originally intended for F ∆ U X E’s forthcoming new album before the man decided to release it earlier, but if this is any indication of what the record will sound like, we’re stoked.

Stream the track below:

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