LISTEN: Dae Kim’s ‘Instagram 7.7.2 (feat. Ryota Katayama)’

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source: Dae Kim/ Ryota Katayama/ Juan Ramone

Image Juan Ramone

The pair of collaborators — electronica musician Dae Kim and indie singer-songwriter Ryota Katayama — debuted their second single together at a launch party during Halloween. If you did not manage to catch them perform the track live — here it is. Single ‘Instagram’ deviates from the clement tenderness of ‘Baby Blue‘, it is much more pop-friendly. Ryota’s vocals start off soft and contained, but it then emboldens along with the song that has what sounds like brass instrumentation in the textured arrangements. The track jostles from histrionic highs to skimming lowly to a lull until it trails off heavily to its finish.

Take a listen below:

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