LISTEN: Bass Sekolah’s ‘Lighthouse’

source: Bass Sekolah

Comprised of two multihyphenate and skillful musicians, German DJ-producer Cee and Malaysian instrumentalist-cum-vocalist Darren Ashley, Bass Sekolah has been making electronic music together in the most incongruent setting possible; by a jungle reserve somewhere in Negeri Sembilan — specifically The Dusun. Currently working on an album, they’ve released debut single ‘Lighthouse’ via indie Swiss label Mouthwatering Records as a teaser for what’s to come  — and it’s a record that definitely took advantage of their surroundings, taking inspiration from nature. Listen closely and you might just hear soundbites of crickets in the dead of night layered within the ambient tune. Darren’s velvet smooth vocals sail through the many rippling beats and tinkling percussions. Nature and bass, who woulda thunk?

Listen to the single below:

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