LISTEN: A Bunch of New Tunes by Gema

source: Gema

We’re not sure where these tracks came from (with the exception of ‘Prayer’, which was officially released before): Were they half-finished drafts Gema just had lying around, deciding to release them now due to a creative decant that didn’t seem to take the beats anywhere? Could be, most of the tracks are just around the two-minute mark, but then again, they sound too polished to be leftovers. Is Echoprince a separate side-project divorced from his music as Gema? Probably not, the sound is still recognisably his. Whatever it is, JUICE is glad that there are still new materials from Singapore’s arguably best electronic talent now not long after he released ‘Lost Without’ and Order Record’s Vol. 1 compilation.

Listen to ‘In Order’, ‘Inbetween’, ‘Prayer’, and ‘Afterall’.

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