Levi’s Lefty Jeans Available Through JUICEonline Now!

How often are lefties given the right of way? Well, since they make up 11% of world’s population (including Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain), JUICE has hooked up with Levi’s to offer an exclusive deal for Levi’s Lefty jeans, just for our readers here! But before we drop the deets, here’s what Lefty jeans is all about. Read on, hipster…

This collaboration between Levi’s and renowned designers Takahiro Miyashita and Kazuki Kuraishi marks yet another hallmark in high-end fashion. Having successful flings with Pendleton, Brooks Brothers and the Workwear range with Billy Reid and Filson, the Lefty range came about from the Japanese designers wanting to break from Levi’s conservative lines and trying something different. It’s also no coincidence that both were originally left-handed folks at birth.

A rare match, this collection is unique in every sense as it has features a left-hand twill focused denim, unlike the traditional right-hand twill denim. This means a softer denim, with a grain flowing from the top-left to bottom-right of the material. Other very unique features include the uneven height of both back pockets, a small hidden back pocket, use of a single selvedge and inner prints on the inside pockets. Don’t worry about fitting too because this pair will shrink to fit you!

So if you dig what you see, JUICE is selling limited pairs of Leftys right here right now! All we need is for you to email us the following details:
1) Your jeans size (waistline)
2) Full name as per IC
3) Contact number
4) E-mail address
Email your order to [email protected] and we’ll give you a call to process your purchase.

The Levi’s Lefty jeans are priced at RM499 exclusively for our readers. Limited pairs available so hurry up! Terms & conditions apply.