Kim Possible is Coming to Life!

Kelsey Chow as Kim Possible? (source:

If you grew up in mid-2000s, you’d remember how awesome TV shows were–from Justice League Animated to Totally Spies to Rocket and more–we can list everything, but we don’t want to feel nostalgic and cry while writing this.

Now one of our most beloved TV characters is getting her own live action movie. Yes, guys, Kim Possible is coming to the real world. But who’s going to play the sassy spy with perfect bouncy hair?

Disney Channel announced the news on Twitter and fans of the series were super hyped about it, even speculating about possible actors and actresses for the movie, especially Rufus.

The Disney Channel original movie has begun its casting process to find the right choice for our beloved red-haired super spy. Apart from the titular Kim Possible, the movie will feature her sidekick Ron Stoppable and his naked mole-rat Rufus, and computer genius Wade.

Please tell me Pitbull is playing Rufus the naked mole rat in the Kim Possible Live Action movie.

— Bethany Biron (@bethanybiron) February 7, 2018

We’d say Pitbull will make a great Rufus, he’s already in make up and costume. Wait, what?

Information on the movie is still scarce, but we hope that they’ll still use the classic theme song from the series.

Kim Possible aired on Disney Channel in 2002 with a span of 87 episodes. It wrapped up after its third season and was even nominated for an Emmy Award in 2003 for an Outstanding Animated Programme. The series spawned 2 animated Disney movies – Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama and Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time.